December 4, 2020

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: And these lap cars certainly a factor, Jeff, as you mentioned. As the four closes in right there, he’s asking his spotter, Marin Treux Jr., Clayton Hughes, to get as much information to those lap cars as he can, Rick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Big wobble there for the 78. The four of Harvick’s going to take advantage of it. He goes to the outside for the lead– side by side as they go into three.

ANNOUNCER 3: And you can say that’s what Harvick tried to do the time before when he wanted to run through his bumper, get the 78 to get loose, and then go around him. Didn’t work the previous time, but it did to perfection this time.

ANNOUNCER 2: The white flag goes in the air. One lap to go presented by Credit One Bank. Kevin Harvick, the 41-year-old from Bakersfield, California– a championship in 2014 when he first moved over to Stewart-Haas racing.

He and Rodney Childers immediately gelled. The team was nearly perfect. And now it took some great turns by the four, but Kevin Harvick can check Texas off the winless tracks.

He has one at Texas Motor Speedway. We’ve seen Kevin do some pretty impressive burnouts. It looks like he’s gonna want to take this one the length of the grandstand.

The cockpit filled with smoke now. Getting closer to the finish line and the flag stand. They’ll shut it down.

Make his way out to grab that checkered flag. His last win was at Sonoma, on the road course back in June. We talk so much about momentum in sports. Kevin Harvick has been looking very impressive over the last few races. And now he celebrates this win at Texas.