April 11, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ADAM ALEXANDER: I’m doing the math, and I think we’ve had the big one three weeks in a row, Talladega, Kansas, and now Martinsville. And in addition to the big one that came right at the checkered flag, there were a few other dustups along the way, including this one between driver 21, Ryan Blaney, and driver 4, Kevin Harvick. They were just not playing nicely. Here is what the two of them had to say after the race.

KEVIN HARVICK: Can’t park it at Martinsville and not get hit. So he was in the way most of the day. And it was a really hard car to pass. And I couldn’t wait any more. I had to start using a bumper, and then he started cheapshotting me. So I don’t mind racing hard, I just don’t like the cheap shots.

RYAN BLANEY: We just talked how the race was, all we could do to avoid that next time. So the last handful of restarts were just pandemonium. Honestly, it was pretty ridiculous. Everyone wrecking each other and running into each other. I thought we were going to make it through the last one, and we just kind of got caught up off of four, and then all that other stuff. So at least we salvaged a decent day. You know I obviously did. We wanted– a lot of cars got tore up. But go on to Texas and see what we have.

SHANNON SPAKE: Blaney and Harvick hitting each other like that, you know, reminds me of Michael. When you sit next to Michael Waltrip, right like–

ADAM ALEXANDER: Arms just over the first half of the season.

SHANNON SPAKE: A little more than a. love tap, little more.