May 14, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

NARRATOR: A picturesque setting for a racetrack. Probably one of the best that we go to throughout the course of the year. So much pressure on these eight guys still alive. If you win this race, you know you’re going to be in the final four.

JEREMY BULLINS: First off, really nice job getting us all to this point in the season. Let us know what you need. Let’s get this round kicked off on the right note.

MIKE WHEELER: All right, bud. Back at your track today. Let’s own it. It’s a cold day for a race, but still a good day for a win. Stay warm. Execute all day.

TONY HIRSCHMAN: Long day here, 500 laps. Chip away at, and have something to run them at the end. Have fun.

ANNOUNCER: Green flag waves. Joey Logano takes off and pulls out in front of the field into turn one. Now the fastest car out there right now is Brad Keselowski.

PAUL WOLFE: All right, you’re doing good. Just take care of it.

ANNOUNCER: Brad Keselowski, Logano, and Ryan Blaney. You can tell that those three teams have really worked good together. And it’s showing right now.

JOEY MEIER: Holy cow. Blaney is doing a hell of a job.

ANNOUNCER: High marks, the young Ryan Blaney right now. He is like a pit bull in that outside lane. Will not let go.

RYAN BLANEY: Destroying my [BLEEP] tires up here.

JOSH WILLIAMS: 10-4. I’ll get you down as soon as I can.

ANNOUNCER: Brad Keselowski switched to the inside. Keselowski to the point, then Joey Logano. You would never know these guys are teammates. And they’re still going at it off turn two. Tough for teammates to work together, but Kyle Busch is less than a car length behind him.

TONY HIRSCHMAN: Let them beat each other up. Keep running your race.

ADAM STEVENS: Faster than anyone here, Tony.


ANNOUNCER: Stage win number seven for Keselowski as he comes across the line.

PAUL WOLFE: All right, what’s your weakness now? What do you want me to try to work on here?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: I’m pretty happy. Let’s leave it alone and see what I’ve got.

MIKE WHEELER: Too fast on pit road there, bud. Section 11.

DENNY HAMLIN: All right.

ANNOUNCER: Green like coming out to begin stage number two. Kyle away with the lead.

JEREMY BULLINS: He’s going to run us on the curb. He’s fair game to run up the track.

CHAD KNAUS: Stay in it, man. Stage points, stage points.

CHRIS LAMBERT: Keep working your ass off here, man.

ANNOUNCER: Two laps to go to complete the stage. And the battle for the lead is side-by-side at the line. Brad down to the inside. Kyle out to the outside. Keselowski, he gets is done. Keselowski takes the lead off turn number two.

JOEY MEIER: Tight behind. Watch the cross-over, watch the cross-over.

CLAYTON HUGHES: Coming to one to go. I got a lot of [BLEEP] going on up here. They’re beating the hell out of each other.

ANNOUNCER: Brad Keselowski, he will see the green checkered flag flying.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: Lot of races to do yet.

ADAM STEVENS: How much did we help you that last time?

KYLE BUSCH: Obviously e- [BLEEP] -nough!

ANNOUNCER: We’re underway way again.

JOEY MEIER: Green flag, you’re clear.

KYLE BUSCH: Every time I freaking get close to somebody, it just slides the back out.

TONY HIRSCHMAN: Keep running our race. We’re in the game here.

EDDIE D’HONOT: One more. Watch the cross-over.

ANNOUNCER: Chase Elliott to the point. Flat 385.

EDDIE D’HONOT: Nice work. Take care of it now, nice and smooth. Got a left rear tire rub here.

ALAN GUSTAFSON: Try to adjust your track bar down or up to see if that will clear it up a little bit.

ANNOUNCER: Brad Keselowski and him got together going into turn one.

CHAD KNAUS: Who’s got a flat?

EARL BARBAN: Leader might have a tire rub or something.

ANNOUNCER: We’re seeing the caution flag out. Carl Long.

EDDIE D’HONOT: Pit road open this time.

ANNOUNCER: Who is going to be off pit road first?

ALAN GUSTAFSON: Go, go go, go. All the way, all the way, all the way, all the way!

ANNOUNCER: Chase Elliott first in, first off. Green flag waves again at Martinsville Speedway.

CLAYTON HUGHES: #24 is hitting the #2 pretty good there.

TONY HIRSCHMAN: Good leaving, gained you half. Top two playing bumper tag. Those guys didn’t play nice early. We’re in the ball game.

CLAYTON HUGHES: Still by one and a half over the #11.

MARTIN TRUEX JR: Starts hitting me, we’re going to have a problem.

TAB BOYD: Coming in inside, inside. Dang, Kyle.

CLAYTON HUGHES: #18 got the #22 and then got into the #24. #22 is going to have a major problem here.

TAB BOYD: Big left rear smoke. Just keep working it.

ANNOUNCER: There he goes around in turn two.

TAB BOYD: Left rear is down, guys. Caution’s out, caution’s out. Bring it.

ANNOUNCER: Keselowski to the outside. They bang! Keselowski all the way to the wall. Chase Elliott to the lead.

BRAD Keselowski: Is that what they call racing? That’s [BLEEP]. He didn’t even try to make the corner there, Paul.

PAUL WOLFE: I know he didn’t. He didn’t even start on the bottom lane. He knew what he was going to do.

ANNOUNCER: Chase Elliott has the lead. Did he handle it on the attack?

CHRIS LAMBERT: You and the #24.

EDDIE D’HONOT: Pushing you.

ANNOUNCER: Push– oh, Elliott spins!

EDDIE D’HONOT: Oh, he Just wrecked us. [BLEEP]

GREG IVES: That’s terrible.

COLE PEARN: Yeah, that was pretty much straight up dumping him.

CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, he definitely wrecked me.

DENNY HAMLIN: He checked up way early.

CHASE ELLIOTT: Did what happened what I think happened? Or am I skewed?

EDDIE D’HONOT: Nah, he drove all over your bumper and crashed you.

CHASE ELLIOTT: That’s what I figured. 10-4. Good to know, thanks.

KEVIN HAMLIN: Denny just wrecked the [BLEEP] out of Chase. Didn’t even try to pass him, he just drove right through the back of him.

MIKE BUGAREWICZ: Two playoff guys take out another playoff guy. That’s how they’re racing each other up front.

RYAN BLANEY: Doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of love anywhere.

JOSH WILLIAMS: I love you, man.

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah, I do, too. I was just saying on the racetrack.

ANNOUNCER: There will be a two lap race to finish it here.

CHRIS LAMBERT: KB is clear with you. Just you and him.

TONY HIRSCHMAN: Outside #11.

CLAYTON HUGHES: All right, they’re going to hit. Come on, come on, hit the [BLEEP].

TONY HIRSCHMAN: Let’s go! Inside #78 nose. Still there. Just got to beat him to the line. Beat him to the line. Beat him to the line. Yes, sir. Checkered.

CLAYTON HUGHES: Dammit, second. Damn, big wreck behind you. Whole [BLEEP] front stretch wrecked.

COLE PEARN: Hell of a [BLEEP] job, Martin.

DENNY HAMLIN: I didn’t expect it from a teammate. Come on now.

MIKE WHEELER: I know it’s hard to swallow.

CHAD KNAUS: You OK, bud?


CHAD KNAUS: Well, that was a rough day.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: What a [BLEEP] mess that was.

MATT KENSETH: I tell you something, that #21 is a freaking moron and needs to get punched in the head.

JOSH WILLIAMS: Denny got moved. Got turned on our nose, and then he just kept turning left into us trying to get straightened back out.

CHRIS LAMBERT: #24 is waiting on us on the backstretch. Wheels, so keep the guys close.

EDDIE D’HONOT: Screw him.

CHRIS LAMBERT: Be smart. Be smart.

EDDIE D’HONOT: All right, face-to-face guys. Outside the car.

ANNOUNCER: It is Kyle Busch going to victory lane and going to Miami.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: I’m so damn happy I could cry, driver. Way to go, buddy.