June 21, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Elliott Diamond trying to block! Down the back stretch again! Less than three to go! The bumper to the back of the 24! Elliott goes around [INAUDIBLE], takes the lead [INAUDIBLE] and comes out.

– Take a look at this. It looks like the 24 chase Elliott, now you’re seeing it. 24 and the 11 having a difference.

– You can hear the crowd.

– Got [INAUDIBLE] from behind, and wrecked in turn three late in the race. So I don’t know what– I don’t know what his problem was. It was unnecessary. I hadn’t raced him dirty all day long. There was no– there was no reason for that. And you know, he comes over and talks to me a second ago, and tells me he had somebody pushing him into turn three. And I thought that was funny because there was nobody within two car lengths of him into turn three behind myself. So, I don’t know what the deal was. But, you know, it’s so disappointing. We had the best car I’ve ever had here at Martinsville, and had an opportunity to go straight to homestead. And because of him, we don’t.

– Well, he said I wrecked him. And obviously, you know, Ray Charles saw that. But obviously, it wasn’t intentional. I wanted to move him out of the way. And there was just not enough grip on the racetrack for him to save it. So there was no different– you know, he watched the two up the racetrack as well. So, I mean, we can play favorites if we want. But unfortunately, this is a ticket to homestead at stake.