June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– We can look at it this way. The good news is we’re going back to Talladega, but the bad news for the 17 is that he’s on the bottom of the list. When you guys look at this race for this team, must-win or can he just finish in the top 5 and make it through?

– I don’t think it’s a must-win at this point. He can make it through. But to me, he’s going to have to come through with the least 40 points when we look at the numbers. So he’s going to have to collect some stage points and race this thing pretty aggressively all day long to try and close that gap up on the guys in front of him that are in a better situation with the points right now.

– Yeah, like Regan said, 40– 40 points is what he needs to come out with. That’s not– that’s not necessarily a win.


– You know, if he scores a lot of stage points, he can run on the top ten–

REGAN SMITH: A couple fifth places in the stages.

– –finish. If he finishes, his cars are fast, he should be up front. Realistically, he’s going to have to run in the top 15 at Kansas. And that’s tough for this team right now to do. They had a great run for 13th at Charlotte. So if he can back that up and get about 13th at Kansas, and 40 at Talladega, he’s going to be close.

– All right, I’m glad you guys brought up a specific number because, last year, Joey Logano said going into Talladega, which was a must-win by the way, he knew who was running around him, how many points he needed, he knew everything. That is not easy to race that way. Is this how the 17 has to approach this race?

– Well, I don’t think they can approach this race that way because they don’t know where their points are going to be. And they’re not going to know what the points are going to be until after that final– or after the last second stage is over. At that point, they’re going to know, hey, we need to make up this many points on this guy or that guy, but you’re not going to know.

So that’s why I said earlier, you have to race this race aggressively. I think all the playoff guys have to go out there and race this thing like it is the last race almost for ’em.

– You saw in the clip, Ricky’s up front in all the stages. You know, Brad wins stage, Ricky’s right behind. Ricky wants to run up from it at speedways in his history. So he’s going through the same thing. I don’t think you pay attention to where Jamie McMurray or Matt Kenseth is running at Talladega. You’re going for wins and you’re trying to stay up front.

– How many other guys in the field do you think want to run up front at Talladega?


– About 40, 39 others.

– I think everybody, everybody.