January 17, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

A self-described Star Wars nut, Blaney admits he sometimes goes overboard in search of T-shirts relating to the long-running popular sci-fi movie franchise.

“You don’t really find a lot of old Star Wars T-shirts,” he said. “It’s not like racing stuff. They used to make tons and tons of old racing T-shirts and you could find your favorite driver (years later), but I haven’t really found a lot of old Star Wars shirts.

“I just try to collect them when I can whenever I go to Disney or something like that. I was walking through the Concord Mills Mall (near the Charlotte track) and I passed a Disney Store and I didn’t know what was in there, so I was like, ‘Well, maybe they’ve got either a Cars 3 shirt or some Star Wars stuff,’ and when I walked in I didn’t know the max age limit in there was like seven, so, one, I felt really weird.

“I was in sweat pants and a T-shirt with all these kids in there, searching and looking.  I would even take like a kids’ XL. I felt like that would fit me, but they didn’t have any of those, so that was a little weird.”