March 2, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

So we’re two races into the 2016 season and no one has really convinced me of the need for the new caution clock in the NASCAR CampingWorld Truck Series. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then you need to get back to Pintrest or watching those cat videos you are probably making in your spare time.


The NASCAR folks say the caution clock is needed as the runs can become too long and the teams need a time-out to make adjustments and stuff. By stuff I’m assuming they mean that the TV producers need more air time to sell commercials. If you can’t race more than 20 minutes without needing an adjustment or a short break then maybe you should try drag racing. Which, come to think of it, takes more balls than most track racing.


Anyway, I’m still not convinced of the need for it. If it is really needed then come up with a great explanation that everyone can understand. Something like this: “Well, John Wes Townley used to be what we considered our “Caution Clock”, but since he’s improved so much lately we haven’t had enough cautions and the racing is boring and over just way too fast.” I give JWT a lot of grief, but the guy certainly has improved and won some races recently. Kudos John!


So far I’m not a fan of the caution clock but I will say it makes timing bathroom breaks and food runs a bit more predictive. I also wonder if NASCAR is secretly betting on Darrell Waltrip’s theory that “cautions breed cautions” so there is more time for those Water Cooler Dale commercials. Which are awesome.

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