May 14, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

Wow. What a finish to this race! Denny Hamlin edged out Martin Truex Jr. by mere inches in what the pundits say is the closest finish ever at the storied track. Then Denny’s mom tweets out a photo of a keepsake she kept since his elementary school days. In it, Denny says his wish is to win the Daytona 500. How about that for a story? It would have been sweet to see Martin win it for obvious reasons to those who follow NASCAR. I was bummed that both the 24 and 88 were out of the race too soon. However, the race was great and I am fine with how it ended. The race itself was not as dramatic as in years past and it was good to see everyone leave there safe and ready for the next race.

As I was typing this, Joe Gibbs Racing sent out a tweet showing the team, along the the Harley J. Earl trophy, celebrating at a Steak & Shake. The Gibbs team seems to go to Steak & Shake after some wins, but this is awesome. The biggest win of the year and they go back to the same old place. That is so Southern and I love it. That would be akin to the Denver Broncos taking the Super Bowl trophy over to a Village Inn and celebrating. Maybe they did, but I doubt it. I have not always liked those who have raced for Joe Gibbs, but I do like the guy. He’s always been friendly to me and seems down to earth. Just a regular guy who has had the opportunity to do some pretty cool things in his lifetime and seem grateful for it. So congratulations to Denny Hamlin, Joe Gibbs and the rest of their team!

No word on if Kenseth came by… might be an interesting team meeting this week.

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