April 17, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

You know how it goes. You intend to do certain things and think you’ll get to it in a few days or weeks but then life happens and you forget those certain things until someone smacks you upside the head. I fully intended to update my blog right after I returned from Texas Motor Speedway, way back in November. Then I intended to update it after Homestead. Then I thought about it again last week while I inhaled a bag of Cheetos while watching the Sprint Unlimited, which seemed to be more like the Sprint Limited Finishers in the end. I had good intentions and all but a failure to execute. Anyway, thank you to @AshleyJStange for lighting a fire under my lazy butt. So here we go.

At Texas, I took my buddy Mike and we roamed around the garage and pits as if the hot passes we had meant we owned the place. Over the years at TMS I’ve become recognized by some of the drivers and crew chiefs. Not friends mind you, but at least a somewhat familiar face to them. One of those is Chad Knaus and he seems to always remember me from a story I told him the very first time we met back in 2011. When I took my wife to the TMS race in April last year, we met up with Chad at the Texas Motorsports Hall of Fame dinner. I introduced my wife to him and he recalled the story I mentioned. He was very cordial and we spoke for quite some time. Throughout the rest of the weekend each time we would see him in the garage he would stop and ask if we were enjoying ourselves and what not.

Fast-forward to November and Mike & I were walking out of the garage and we ran across Chad. He stopped and greeted me and asked how I’d been and how my wife had enjoyed her first NASCAR race back in April. I introduced him to Mike and mentioned that while my wife did enjoy the April race she was not able to attend but Mike’s wife was over at the driver’s meeting. A look of shock and fear came over Chad’s face and he shouted “OH SHIT!” and immediately looked at his watch to check the time. Fortunately for him, the driver’s meeting was still over an hour away, so he hadn’t missed it. Mike and I both laughed as his wife had gone early so she could get a good seat at the meeting. Chad put his hand on my shoulder and said “Don’t do that to me!” We had a few more laughs, took a few pics with him and said goodbye. I think he has another story to remember me by. Here are the pics we took:

Chad Knaus & I



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