June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

Joey wins, again. Junior comes up 100 foot short. The “Big One” happens on the final restart. Drunk people throw beer cans on the track, some of which are full. Everyone but the winner leaves mad. OK, everyone but the winner and Dale Jr. leaves mad. Ahhh, Talladega! I love it.

Although Dale Jr. came up short of the win and the Eliminator Round, he was very professional and gracious in his defeat. No wonder the dude is the most popular driver. Pure class.

I will be at Texas Motor Speedway in a couple of weeks and will be posting on Twitter and streaming on Periscope provided AT&T doesn’t choke.

As for the controversial ending to the Talladega race, I’ll leave you with this:


The 2015 Chase

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