May 14, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

Joe Gibbs Racing and Hendrick Motorsports had a rough day at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday. The only bright spots for Hendrick was Jeff Gordon finishing a respectable eighth and Jimmie Johnson making it to his daughters special event. Which I think is awesome. The dude has another bad race and his first thought is “Hey, I can make it to my girl’s show.” Most parents won’t even get off the couch to go play with their kids in the next room. So good for you Jimmie. You know your identity is not in racing. It’s in your family, and that is where it should be.

OK, back to the weekend. Most of the twelve left in The Chase fared pretty well except for Dale Jr. and Matt Kenseth. They both hit the wall, many times, as did Kyle Busch. Pretty much all the drivers who hit the wall in Turn 2 thought there was oil on the track up high in that area. Kyle and Dale Jr. were especially adamant about it and not afraid to state as such. As a fair number of drivers hit around the same area, I would say that there had to be something amiss.

Kyle Busch’s bad day started when the other Kyle (Larson) looked as if he wasn’t sure where the track ended and pit road began. Talk about a fake-out gone horribly wrong.  I didn’t hear the radio transmissions from Kyle Busch right after the incident, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t friendly and possibly included some references to Larson’s lack of thinking clearly and and insult or three to his manhood. As long as he didn’t go all Darrell Wallace Jr. towards Larson’s significant other, then we’re all cool.

At this point in The Chase, the thing is still wide open. You can bet that all of the other eleven are desperately wanting to win at Kansas this weekend so they can forget about Talladega, which will be a free-for-all for those Chasers without a win. I still think Jeff Gordon can win the Championship, but there can be zero mistakes and he needs at least one win in each of the next two rounds. I hope he wins Kansas, Texas and Homestead. That would be great, especially since I will be in VL at Texas. Yes, I know, I’m petty and selfish. I really just want to see the man go out with the Championship. My hope is the same for Tony Stewart next year.

Well, have a good week if I don’t see you until next Monday!


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