March 2, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

About 15 minutes ago or so I sent out the following tweet:


After sending out what felt like a few thousand tweets in a matter of moments, imagine my surprise when the actual total was nine. Not nine thousand or nine hundred. Just nine. Such a lonely number with no friend to make it a double-digit effort. Huh, this 48,000 tweet thing may have been a bit, well, overly optimistic. So I have decided it best to adjust that number for inflation so that it accurately reflects the number of tweets in today’s values. SO… the real number of tweets will be more in the 480 range. Oops, decimal is in the wrong spot. Um, so that leaves it to be… let’s me see here… 48. Yep, 48 tweets. I’m 94.8% certain that I can tweet 48 times between now and Sunday. Sunday AM that is. That is great! What a way to honor Team48 and their Chase run! Wait, no.. that’s not right. They didn’t advance so… this is to cheer them up! Yeah, that’s it! My small token that I can do to provide some cheer in their lives at this point in the season. What’s left of it. OK, so it’s a very, very small token. Very, very, very small. I’ve also been the President of the Pathological Liars Association for the past 25 years. I know that @Nascar_wonka can vouch for me. Yep, it’s all true. It’s on the Internet so it has to be.

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