June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

Well, well, well. What a weekend it was for Kevin Harvick and the Stewart-Hass #4 team. In the previous two races he had been punted (my version) by Jimmie Johnson at Chicago and then ran short of fuel at Loudon. If not for those two instance, he might have won all three Chase races so far. However, racing being as it is, he was pretty much out of The Chase short of a win and the #48 was in barring a catastrophic showing at Dover. A place that Jimmie Johnson has owned during his career and where Harvick had never won. Game over. Yeah, then the racing happened and everyone’s yelling “Inconceivable!” As Montoya once said, (Inigo, not Juan Pablo) “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” When it comes to Kevin Harvick and clutch performances in The Chase the last two years, nothing is inconceivable. What is inconceivable is Jimmie Johnson being OUT OF THE CHASE after the first round, caused by a $10.00 part. No one saw that coming and if they did, they need to buy some PowerBall tickets and help me with my DraftKings NASCAR picks this week. I do have to say, many picked Harvick to win this week, including Twitter magnate @TheOrangeCone . I did not, and so I am the uneducated moron of the week.

I was in Victory Circle at Texas Motor Speedway when Harvicking became a verb, iconized by our Twitter friends @nascarcasm and @nascar wonka. I stood there alongside TMS President Eddie Gossage and Top Gear USA’s Rutledge Wood as the chaos unfolded before our eyes. What a sight it was to witness that altercation in person! While I was not at Dover this weekend, it was still a sight to behold. There was Jimmie Johnson, falling out of The Chase, while Kevin Harvick was giving a new meaning to the term “Harvicking”. He stated early on that they would pound Joe Gibbs’ Racing into the ground during The Chase. For the first two races, the JGR guys took the first two wins and waited for Kevin Harvick to back up those words. He did, and put a Harvicking on the competition. Heck, maybe it should be called a Reverse-Harvicking…

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The 2015 Chase

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