March 5, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

Wacky Weekend

Joey wins, again. Junior comes up 100 foot short. The “Big One” happens on the final restart. Drunk people throw beer cans on the track, some of which are full. Everyone but the winner leaves mad. OK, everyone but the winner and Dale Jr. leaves mad. Ahhh, Talladega! I love it. Although Dale Jr. came […]

The 2015 Chase

4 Reasons Carl Edwards Edition

Here are 4 reasons why Carl Edwards will not win the 2015 Sprint Cup Championship. #4. Holy Guacamole – Carl gets a hold of some bad guac on Sunday morning causing him to become nauseous around lap 132 at Kansas. At lap 175, Carl cannot fight the feeling to blow and does so right before […]

The 2015 Chase

4 Reasons Matt Kenseth Edition

Matt Kenseth had a bad day at Charlotte last Sunday leaving him last in the Chase standings at this point. While I never like to count anyone out of the Chase here are 4 reasons that Kenseth will not win the 2015 Sprint Cup. #4. Phantom Oil Slick – Going into Turn 2 during qualifying […]

The 2015 Chase

4 Reasons Jeff Gordon Edition

Jeff Gordon’s final NASCAR season has been less than what he and his team have hoped for, yet he still has a chance to win the Championship. Here are 4 reasons why the 4-time champ may not win the 2015 Sprint Cup. #4. Confusion & A Bad Radio – Jeff’s radio goes out right as […]

The 2015 Chase

4 Reasons Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will Not Win The Chase

I’ve been reading on the Internet about 5 reasons this and 12 questions that on The Chase and it got me thinking. Why not have a bottom 4, or a 4 reasons something will not happen in this year’s Chase? Why 4 you ask? Well, it is Kevin Harvick’s number and Jeff Gordon is a […]

The 2015 Chase

Rough Weekend

Joe Gibbs Racing and Hendrick Motorsports had a rough day at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday. The only bright spots for Hendrick was Jeff Gordon finishing a respectable eighth and Jimmie Johnson making it to his daughters special event. Which I think is awesome. The dude has another bad race and his first thought is […]

The 2015 Chase

More Important Things

I love racing. I love people who love racing. I love racing people. Sometimes all I think about is racing and the next race I am going to. This is not a bad thing, but I sometimes take for granted how good my life truly is. I have a wonderful wife and kids, a couple […]


Tweet This

About 15 minutes ago or so I sent out the following tweet: After sending out what felt like a few thousand tweets in a matter of moments, imagine my surprise when the actual total was nine. Not nine thousand or nine hundred. Just nine. Such a lonely number with no friend to make it a […]

General Ramblings

My Favorite Drivers

I actually caught up on some work today (major surprise) so instead of falling asleep on my office couch and pissing off all of my employees, I figure I can take a few moments to hammer out some educated musings of some favorite items. OK, educated musings may be a bit of a stretch. It’s […]

General Ramblings

Harvicking Revisited

Well, well, well. What a weekend it was for Kevin Harvick and the Stewart-Hass #4 team. In the previous two races he had been punted (my version)┬áby Jimmie Johnson at Chicago and then ran short of fuel at Loudon. If not for those two instance, he might have won all three Chase races so far. […]

The 2015 Chase